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Every Major Device

With Kindle® compatibility (U.S. only), apps for every major platform and OverDrive Read, your OverDrive digital library is compatible with every major device on the market. Our Device Resource Center includes a list of devices that work well with your service.

KindleKindle Compatibility (U.S. only)

We’re the only digital library provider to offer compatibility with Kindle devices and apps, extending the reach of your collection to millions of additional users. Any title you purchase is automatically available for Kindle, provided a Kindle version of the book exists.

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Mobile & Desktop Apps

OverDrive Media Console gives users access to your digital library on on their smartphones, tablets and home computers. Learn more…



OverDrive Read

Students can enjoy titles in OverDrive Read on any device with a modern web browser. It’s the easiest way to enjoy books on a desktop or laptop, with progress sync to any smartphone or tablet. Read more…