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The Solution Architect’s responsibilities include developing and supporting applications. Development responsibilities will require creating engaging multimedia programs that use web-connected technologies.


  • Collaborate with other senior developers in updating and extending code for digital download and e-commerce websites.
  • Design and implement web applications using ASP.NET.
  • Ability to lead small teams of developers to accomplish project goals.
  • Program, develop, and produce applications that communicate through web services to a host data source.
  • Work closely with team members and team leaders to create consistent, reusable, and maintainable code.
  • Participate in the Full Development Life Cycle.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, or other related field; or equivalent experience.
  • 5+ years of hands-on systems software development experience in a Windows environment, experience consuming XML-based web services.
  • Strategic thinker.
  • Architecture skills include; conceptualization, patterns, modeling, design, etc.
  • Managerial skills and abilities.
  • Experience with object oriented analysis and design.
  • C#, Java, C++ coding knowledge / experience.
  • Knowledge of REST, SOAP, and HTTP protocols and other web service technologies.
  • Experience with Microsoft ASP.NET, MVC, LINQ.
  • Strong understanding of web based architecture and development including HTML, XML, JavaScript, and JSON.
  • Knowledge of SQL and relational database design.
  • Familiarity with Unit Testing frameworks such as MSTest,NUnit, xUnit.
  • Strong understanding of Rhino Mocks, Moq, Type Mock.
  • Familiarity with IoC Containers such as Ninject, Autofac.

Preferred Experience/Background:

  • Experience with using open source tools such as Lucene.NET, Auto Mapper, Dapper, etc.
  • Knowledge of JQuery.
  • Knowledge of NoSQL such as Memcached, MongoDB, Couch DB, Redis, etc.
  • Knowledge of Socket Programming.
  • Knowledge of multithreaded programming and debugging.
  • Knowledge of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js.

Our Tech Stack:

  • Languages – C#, Ruby
  • Web Frameworks – ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net Web API, Ruby on Rails
  • Cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS
  • SQL databases – SQL Server
  • NoSQL databases – MongoDB, RavenDB, Azure Table Storage
  • Caching – Redis, Memcached
  • Search technologies – ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, Solr, Lucene
  • Source Control – Git, GitHub, Mercurial, Bitbucket
  • Message queuing – RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, Amazon SQS, Azure Queues, MSMQ
  • Server automation tools – Chef, Puppet, Vagrant
  • Continuous Integration – TeamCity
  • Mocking frameworks – RhinoMocks, Moq
  • Testing frameworks – NUnit, AutoFixture
  • IoC Containers – Ninject
  • ORM tools – Dapper, Simple.Data
  • Object mappers – Automapper
  • Productivity Tools – Resharper
  • Logging frameworks – Logstash, Kibana, NLog

What’s Next:

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