eBook engagement for K-5 students

Promoting reading & learning

Here’s a sampling of the exciting ways you can engage students (and teachers and parents) with eBooks inside and outside school with K-5 QuickStart.

eBook clubs & group reading

  • Organize eBook clubs for every student in a grade (or multiple grades) to read the same title at the same time. Students can learn from each other by sharing their thoughts on the title.
  • Provide more personalized attention for students by creating smaller reading groups. All the students in the group and the teacher can read the same eBook simultaneously, and kids can re-read at home whenever they want for more practice.
  • Have students pick a topic they enjoy reading about (like animals or sports) and get together with other students with similar interests for discussion, eBook-based projects and comradery.

In the classroom

  • Project eBooks onto a smartboard for the class to follow along.
  • Supplement the school library collection with the QuickStart collection. This makes it easy if several students are interested in the same topic or are assigned the same research topic.
  • Class sets – All students can read the same digital title at once so you don’t need 30 physical copies.

At home, on vacation & with parents

  • Assign specific eBooks for students to read for homework. Students also have access to titles at home to finish classroom assignments. No lost or damaged books.

  • Give parents convenient access to titles to read with their children nightly at home.
  • Great for summer reading programs – Assign specific eBooks to read or have students read a certain number of titles.

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