Getting Started

Welcome to OverDrive!

No matter where you are on your journey to bring digital content to the classroom, we are here to help you implement a plan that is customized for your students’ and educators’ needs.

Select & purchase content
Set up student sign-in process
Preview & customize OverDrive website
View on-demand training
Generate awareness & excitement

Implementation Overview

Your school will be assigned a Product Support Specialist to assist you with the technical setup, and a Content Specialist to help you select digital content that meets your objectives and budget. Implementation takes approximately 4-6 weeks, but we can be flexible to meet your needs.

Your OverDrive specialists will work closely with your school during this process and ensure you stay on track for a timely and successful launch. The following is a typical sequence of setup milestones.

Submit your contact information to ensure you receive important communications from OverDrive.


Select and purchase content

Within a few days of sending in your order form, you will receive a Welcome email to OverDrive Marketplace. We ask that you login as soon as possible to begin selecting content. An OverDrive Content Specialist will assist you with this process.

Set up student sign-in process

Review the authentication options below with your technical staff and determine which option is best for your school. Once selected, complete the respective form and click the “Submit to OverDrive” button. Once we receive your form, a member of our Integration Support team will contact you to set up your authentication method.

OverDrive can authenticate users with your LDAP server. Using LDAP allows your users to borrow items with their existing network username/password.

OverDrive can authenticate users with a Federated Authentication server using SAML v2.0. Once the server is linked with the OverDrive-powered website, the sign-in action will direct users to the authentication server to enter their credentials. Common federated identity providers include Shibboleth, ADFS, Ping Identity, and Okta.

Please contact your Product Support Specialist to set up

Using an ILS/LMS such as Atriuum, Alexandria, SirsiDynix, etc., OverDrive can send authentication requests via SIP2, PatronAPI, or RPA protocols. Users will sign in using a library card number. If you are interested in authentication via Follett Destiny, please contact your Product Support Specialist.

OverDrive supports SSO integration with your school's Clever instance. To get started, all you need to do is request access to Sora by OverDrive in Clever. From there, our Integration Support team will work closely with you to complete the setup.

Please contact your Product Support Specialist to set up

OverDrive offers a hosted portal you can upload user credentials to via batch upload or by individual user ID. As new credentials are issued or statuses change, you can add, remove, or edit as appropriate.

OverDrive supports integration with your school’s Google G Suite. To get started, all you need to do is install OverDrive for G Suite. From there, our Integration Support team will work closely with you to complete the setup.

Please contact your Product Support Specialist to set up


Preview and customize OverDrive website

After purchasing content and setting up authentication, your Product Support Specialist will share a preview of your OverDrive website before launch. Customization options include:

View on-demand training

You can choose between live webinars or on-demand training sessions to educate your staff on a variety of topics, including managing your OverDrive platform, how to purchase titles, integrating OverDrive digital content in the classroom, and using OverDrive on popular devices. Get started with the following resources:

Generate awareness and excitement

Your Product Support Specialist will provide custom marketing materials to help you get the word out to students, educators, and parents. You can also visit the Resource Center for print-ready and online promotional assets.