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Resources to help you succeed

Set some goals for your digital library—new users, increased circulation, improved discovery—we’ll help you meet them. We’re committed to helping your library achieve success and we’ll give you the tools to measure your success along the way.


Digital Book Clubs

Take advantage of flexible access models to support your community reading programs. Combine Simultaneous Use or Per-Unit access with a time limit to maximize cost effectiveness.
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Kids’ eReading Room

Kids need a safe environment to browse the library. Just as the children’s section of the physical branch is creatively sectioned off, we worked with our library partners to develop an appealing, user-friendly section of your OverDrive-powered website for kids.
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OverDrive Media Station

OverDrive Media Station is the perfect introduction to your digital catalog. Patrons can walk up and immediately start to browse and sample content using a large, touchscreen-optimized interface. Read more…



Our most successful library partners have in-house experts on digital lending. We’ll help you learn the industry as well as your service. Learn from on-demand training sessions or schedule some personalized training with our staff. Read more…


Collection Development

What to buy? How many copies? Wait list keeps growing? We can help. We’ll help you find the right titles for your patrons and select enough copies to keep circulation growing. Your OverDrive service also includes powerful automation tools so you can spend less time selecting books. Read more…


Marketing & Outreach

One of the best ways to increase circulation is simply letting your patrons know that your digital library exists. We’ll provide materials to help you promote your service both inside and outside your library. Read more…


Test Drive

Start an eBook device lending program at your library. We provide guidelines for lending and recommend devices that work well with your digital library. Read more…


WIN Catalog

Get your patrons involved in the collection development process. The WIN Catalog allows your patrons to see the full OverDrive catalog and recommend titles your library doesn’t currently own. Patrons can also purchase titles for themselves at retail prices, a portion of which is credited back to you as a content credit. Read more…


Advantage Accounts

Part of a consortium? Interested in adding extra titles and copies exclusively for your community? Advantage allows your library to manage its own sub-collection while remaining a part of a larger consortium. Titles added to your Advantage account will only be available to local patrons. Read more…


Front Line Tech Support

Let us handle the tough questions. By adding Front Line Tech Support to your digital library, your patrons can come straight to us with any questions. Read more…


OverDrive Blogs

We update our blog daily with marketing ideas, device reviews, service updates and content sales to help you maximize your digital library service. Vist the OverDrive Library Blog.


The Digital Bookmobile

Aboard the 42-foot-long Toterhome, learn how to borrow an eBook or audiobook and so much more. Visit the Digital Bookmobile website.



Our international user group conference offers the unique opportunity for library and school partners to meet up with publishers and the OverDrive team for networking, education and a little fun. Visit the Digipalooza website.