Shift direct patron support to OverDrive

With the increasing popularity of your ‘Virtual Branch’ website comes the inevitable strain on your resources. To ease that pressure, OverDrive has created a program to supplement your tech support team: OverDrive Front Line Tech Support for public libraries.

Add more value to your download service

OverDrive now offers an extension of our award-winning customer service from ‘secondary’ to the ‘front line.’ With Front Line Tech Support, library users will be able to contact OverDrive at first request for technical support and troubleshooting assistance. We’ll provide answers to your users’ questions regarding the use of your OverDrive-powered service. A cost-effective annual fee based on service population will apply.

Experienced professionals to support your library’s team

In addition to supplementing your team and reducing demand on your resources, OverDrive also brings significant benefits with this service, including the most up-to-date knowledge about our software, major devices and website features. Plus, in most cases patrons should experience a quicker response time.

Your Front Line Tech Support team will be comprised of OverDrive employees based in the United States, creating a seamless, high-quality user experience.

Existing Customers

Learn more about adding Front Line Tech Support to your digital library at the OverDrive Partners site.

View the Front Line Terms & Conditions.