Connect Readers with more books and authors

The WIN Catalog is a suite of features that provides new ways to connect readers with books and authors through your OverDrive-powered website and generate additional revenue for your library. The WIN Catalog includes Recommend to Library, WIN Affiliates Program and Library Media Network.

Recommend to Library

The Recommend to Library (RTL) feature allows users to browse hundreds of thousands of additional digital titles, including those not in your collection. While users will search within your library’s catalog by default, they can choose to expand results to include titles not currently in your collection. These titles are available for your users to ‘Recommend to Library’ or purchase for themselves if they want their own personal copy.

With the ‘Recommend to Library’ feature, your staff will have access to the Recommend to Library manager, which allows you to automate purchases for recommended titles and limit the number of recommendations a user can make.

When making a recommendation, a user can choose to be notified if the title is purchased and/or be automatically placed on the waiting list.

WIN Affiliates Program

The WIN Affiliates Program connects library users to a network of online booksellers to purchase a personal copy of a title. When a user follows a ‘Buy It Now’ link, the referring library receives a content credit for the user’s entire purchase, not just the initial referring title.

Current OverDrive Partners

Learn about adding the WIN Catalog to your OverDrive service at our partner website.