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Reach readers anywhere online

OverDrive’s revolutionary Readbox allows eBook samples to be embedded on any website and spread freely on social media. Try it now and discover how Readbox can help you engage readers across the web.

How Readbox works

Embedding an OverDrive sample on your website is easy: Simply copy the embed script from Readbox’s convenient built-in tool and paste it anywhere in the HTML of your site. Visit OverDrive.com to find titles and start sharing!*

Click here for more advanced instructions on embedding OverDrive samples, such as adjusting size and adding a border.

*You must open samples on OverDrive.com to access the embed script.

Readbox in action

See how leading news sites like The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed have used Readbox to engage readers. Readbox has also been used to successfully promote Big Library Read, a global eBook club for OverDrive library partners.

“OverDrive’s Readbox provides an easy and customizable way to enhance our readers’ experience of our content. The embeddable excerpts create opportunities for readers to continue to engage with our content while on the page and add value to their reading experience.”

Claire Fallon
– Editor, HuffPost Books