We offer a variety of opportunities to dramatically increase the visibility of your catalog to qualified buyers, both institutional and individual.



We feature your titles in email marketing and point-of-purchase promotions, which directly reach thousands of content buyers and positively impact sales. Our collection development team promotes your content in custom collection lists to library and school buyers.

Buy It Now

Library patrons at participating libraries can purchase titles from a variety of national and independent booksellers through ‘Buy It Now’ links for available on the library site. Our Buy It Now program allows for easy transition to a retail point-of-sale through exposure in the library catalog and gives patrons a chance to bypass long wait lists.

 Library Collections

Our library catalogs generate millions of page views and book cover impressions every month. When your titles are available through OverDrive, your titles, authors and series are exposed to avid readers and potential buyers every day.

Catalog Enhancement

We optimize your catalog for maximum discoverability across all of our sales channels. Catalog enhancement increases discoverability and improves recommendations to new readers. We also generate samples of digital titles to support reader engagement with your catalog.


OverDrive Read

OverDrive Read allows readers to instantly sample and read eBooks in the web browser, with purchase prompts and similar title recommendations. In addition, soon OverDrive Read will provide comprehensive reader data, including completion rates and points of abandonment. Read more…

Library Media Network

OverDrive Readbox: Embedded eBook Samples

OverDrive’s revolutionary Readbox allows eBook samples to be embedded on any website and spread freely on social media. Try it now and discover how Readbox can help you engage readers across the web. Read more…