The all-in-one solution

We supply the digital catalog and host and manage your e-retail website so you can focus on sales. Our hosted platform includes advanced features like credit card fraud protection and gift card support, allowing you to offer more options to your customers


Millions of titles for your website, device or app

Select from OverDrive’s vast inventory of popular digital eBooks and audiobooks in more than 50 languages to sell through your online bookstore, device or app. OverDrive distributes titles in virtually every subject for more than 5,000 publishers.

Seamless Integration

Our massive catalog is packed with quality content from the world’s best publishers. Customize your collection with titles in the front-, mid- and backlists of large and small publishers from around the world.

Measure your success

Powerful reporting and analytics tools help you measure sellthrough for your digital retail space.


Offer more than just eBooks

With OverDrive, you can also offer access to digital audiobooks from the same site. We offer secure delivery of all formats to a variety of computers, tablets, eReaders and mobile devices.


Something for everyone

Our catalog includes titles from all genres: popular fiction, romance, children’s, young adult, technology, travel and nonfiction, just to name a few. We also offer foreign language content.