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OverDrive uses third-party cookies, including Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/). When you enter a Website, third party cookies are automatically and randomly generated to create a unique Visitor ID but do not contain any personally identifiable information. Cookies cannot be used to identify individuals, only machines, so your data will remain anonymous. Information that may be collected by third-party cookies on our Websites include: browser information (e.g. language settings, version, java version) and computer information (e.g. OS version, color definition settings). OverDrive uses these randomly assigned Visitor ID only during the current session, a new Visitor ID is assigned for each new session when visiting a Website. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may opt-out following the information below.

Any information retained is kept for a commercially reasonable period of time for us to provide services to you and to use it as stated in our Privacy Policy. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can choose to set your browser to remove cookies and to reject cookies. If you choose to remove cookies or reject cookies, this could affect certain features or services of our Websites.

For more information on how OverDrive uses cookies on its hosted sites, please contact us at: privacy@overdrive.com

Opt-Out For Users

You may opt-out of receiving future cookies from our Websites. In order to identify you as a user who has elected to opt-out of receiving future cookies from OverDrive or third-party partners with respect to your use of our Websites, we will place a cookie on your device. The only purpose of this cookie is to let our servers know that you have opted out of receiving future cookies. You must accept this cookie in order to opt-out. This cookie is created at the time you opt-out and is then never modified. If you later delete this cookie, OverDrive will automatically resume sending cookies when you visit our Websites. You may request this opt-out by following the directions included here.