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December 2, 2020
3:00pm EST.

Preparing Your Digital Library for the End of the Year Rush and Beyond

Budgets are tight, demand for ebooks and audiobooks is up and the holidays will bring new devices and new users to your digital library. How can you best prepare going into the end of the year? Join four OverDrive staff librarians in a roundtable discussion as they share best practices, including favorite titles, recent content trends and how our End of the Year Sale can help you maximize budget while meeting demand. Whether you are a new OverDrive partner looking for shopping tips and tricks or an established library wanting to dive deeper into our biggest sale of the year, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

Books for every reader: How digital can make a difference

In the wake of upheaval caused by COVID-19, schools across the world faced a difficult decision at the beginning of the school year. Should they reopen and resume in-person lessons, or continue with remote instruction in some capacity, whether full-time or as part of a hybrid learning model? Though most schools in the U.K. have returned to in-person classes, it’s critical that they have contingencies in place so that no matter what, learners will have seamless access to as many learning resources as possible. This is when ebooks and audiobooks can make a huge impact.

In this webinar, OverDrive Education Account Manager Meredith Wemhoff and OverDrive Education Librarian Hannah Monson will show you how digital books can play a pivotal role in adapting your curriculum to the new education landscape. You’ll learn:

  • How to empower students with always available access to ebooks and audiobooks, no matter where they are – Tips for building an inclusive digital library that meets students’ unique reading needs
  • How free digital marketing resources and flexible spending options can help you get the most out of your digital library

Reimaging Your ELA Cirriculum: Strategies to Boost Reading Engagement

For many students, reviewing their assigned reading list for the school year might inspire a sense of reluctance. Confronted with the prospect of digging into the standard-bearer texts of ELA curriculum, some of your student readers might even invoke the dreaded “B” word – boring. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way?

What if there was a way to balance your ELA lesson plan, so that students gain equal exposure to both curriculum mainstays AND newer classics that better represent the diverse world in which they live – and the present-day issues they face? Find out how in this must-see webinar, led by school library experts. Attendees will walk away with new strategies to add curriculum depth, including how to:

  • Think critically about assigned reading, blending in key contemporary titles with familiar favorites
  • Adopt unique formats that will improve student engagement with required reading
  • Source student-friendly read-alikes for key contemporary works of literature – both fiction and nonfiction

Building a digital library to support remote learning during COVID-19

When colleges and universities closed their campuses in March in response to the global pandemic, students, faculty and staff increasingly turned to their academic libraries’ digital collections of ebooks and audiobooks. Join three OverDrive staff librarians as they share best practices for responding to this increased demand for digital and provide an industry-wide view of ebook usage in academic libraries. These valuable data-driven insights and creative strategies will provide a useful path forward for colleges and universities of all shapes and sizes.

Keys to Sparking Student Reader Enthusiasm in The Age of The Pandemic

In this new era of remote learning, can educators find fresh ways to get their students excited about reading – even when they can’t be with them in the classroom or school library? The answer is yes! Find out how in this eye-opening new webinar, led by OverDrive’s team of expert librarians. Attendees will walk away with:

  • Strategies to increase student reading engagement, including flash booktalks and narrative nonfiction
  • Best practices for adapting to digital books in your school with the Sora student reading app
  • Tips to globalize your school library, featuring books from a diverse array of international authors your students may not yet know but will come to love

And be sure to stick around at the end of the webinar for a live demo of Sora in action!

Inclusive Collections: A Frank Conversation about Diversity in Library Resources

Library collections serve all populations, so should they not represent all people? What prevents us from creating inclusive collections? Building collections that are inclusive with representation of diverse voices provides authentic stories that share the wealth and richness of other cultures, lived experiences, and traditions.

Auditing libraries is vital work and ensures that stories captured within the collection create positive views, showcase many perspectives, and celebrate what makes all humans unique. School librarians serve as gatekeepers and must connect patrons to a variety of resources.

Join Nancy Jo Lambert and Lesley Roane for this important discussion and a wealth of resources you can use right away in your collection development.

Join us to:

  • Examine biases and soft censorship practices to push past thinking collections are inclusive
  • Discover concrete steps to evaluating your collection and tools for conducting a diversity audit
  • Receive curated resources to engage with diverse titles to add to your collection pre-K–12

Ready, Set, Read: Lake-Geauga Computer Association’s Journey to a Digital Collection & Public Library Partnership

How can educators ensure that students have access to the widest possible selection of ebooks and audiobooks to meet the unique reading needs of their students? The key just might be public library partnerships. When schools and libraries connect, it opens a new world of 24/7 digital reading opportunities for kids of all ages, giving them age-appropriate reading options beyond what their school’s collection can provide.

Slow the Summer Reading Slide With School & Library Partnershipsy

When schools and libraries work together, it opens a whole new world of 24/7 reading opportunities for students, whether they’re at home or in the classroom. In this eye-opening webinar featuring Lisa Kulka, coordinator of libraries and instructional materials at Harlandale ISD, Texas, you’ll discover how these no-cost collaborations can help your at-home students bridge the summer reading gap.

Navigating Content Challenges in the Age of Remote Learning

More than 55 million students are adjusting to the effects COVID-19 has had on schools nationwide. While some parents have been thrust into the role of a teacher, many educators are now grappling with teaching in a fully digital environment. This disruption may be a catalyst of permanent change, and strengthening teachers’ abilities to educate their classroom despite these new circumstances is crtical.

Strategies to Engage Reluctant Readers & Minimize an Elongated Summer Slide

With many schools closed for the rest of the academic year, concerns about lost learning progress and an elongated summer slide are at an all-time high – especially when it comes to your reluctant readers. How can educators remotely reach students and spark their interest in reading all summer long? It starts with digital content. Join librarians from OverDrive for a crash course in how ebooks and audiobooks can increase independent reading among kids of all ages, grade levels and abilities.

Making the Most of Your Digital Collection

You’ve invested time, thought, and budget dollars to create an amazing collection of materials for your teachers and students, but perhaps you’ve found that the digital portion of your resources don’t always get the attention they deserve. Research has shown that eBooks and audiobooks circulate more when librarians follow a clear plan to promote them in the school community. Join this webinar to learn creative and effective strategies for spreading the word about your digital collection and make sure those great resources get used!

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10 ways the Libby app can help you reach readers on campus and off

Libby, the award-winning reading app from OverDrive, isn’t just for public libraries anymore. Colleges and universities across the United States have already discovered how Libby can help them reach new readers, both on campus and off. In this session, learn how features in Libby can be implemented on your campus to promote digital reading among students, faculty, and staff. From audiobooks for busy commuters to support for different learning styles and more. Whether you’re an existing OverDrive partner looking to expand your reach or an institution interested in adding an ebook and audiobook platform to your library, you won’t want to miss this presentation.

The Power of Partnership: Digital Collections for Academic Consortia

You’ve invested time, thought, and budget dollars to create an amazing collection of materials for your teachers and students, but perhaps you’ve found that the digital portion of your resources don’t always get the attention they deserve. Research has shown that eBooks and audiobooks circulate more when librarians follow a clear plan to promote them in the school community. Join this webinar to learn creative and effective strategies for spreading the word about your digital collection and make sure those great resources get used!

Ebooks Can Do That? Customize Your Academic Library with Digital

Join us for a free webinar to learn how a customized digital collection addresses space, access and relevancy issues in your academic library. Digital curation should be simple and flexible. Reporting and catalog integration should be easy and robust. Students need comprehensive access to the best in popular reading, university presses, videos and more. Archivist/Reference Librarian Paul Huffman of Lindenwood University (MO), shares his perspective on how Lindenwood uses eBooks and audiobooks to meet student demand and boost engagement. Rob Rando details how to design a customized eBook and audiobook collection for your campus community, and provides a demonstration of the OverDrive student user experience and librarian interface.

How to Make Informed Investments with Digital Content that Increases Circ Numbers

One of the greatest challenges for college librarians is ensuring they purchase quality content their academic community needs. Digital resources like OverDrive allow librarians to see what content is being used on campus in order to make informed purchasing decisions in the future. The team at OverDrive will examine statistics in purchasing and how these digital resources impact circulation numbers while improving the quality of education for students. So if you’re looking for trends to make informed purchasing decisions, this webinar is for you.