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Meet learners at all stages with audiobooks, ebooks, and more

Thousands of academic institutions use OverDrive to support the whole student experience with titles across all academic subjects and every student interest.

Give your faculty and students seamless, anytime access to your digital library with the largest catalog of over 4.8 million titles from best-selling authors and leading academic publishers.

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What does OverDrive provide for your faculty and students?

Libby: Accessible Learning Redefined

Promote inclusivity in education with our signature app, Libby. Audiobooks and ebooks cater to diverse campus needs with built-in tools.

Empowering Administrative Tools

Optimize your budget and collection. Our Marketplace platform offers detailed reports, confirming best practices in collection development.

Seamless Experiences for Everyone

Everyone wins with OverDrive. Librarians save time with curated collections and ILS integration, while students effortlessly browse, borrow, and read.

Effortless Curation, Expert Assistance

Eliminate any guesswork in curation. Our dedicated librarians assist in building your collection, ensuring a quick and effective publishing process.


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