OverDrive Academic

OverDrive Academic

Ebooks and audiobooks for academic libraries

Make your digital library available anytime or anywhere with the titles your faculty and campus require from the top publishers that you know and trust

Support students, faculty and staff on campus or working remotely with ebooks and audiobooks from your institution’s own digital library. Build a custom ebook and audiobook collection that fits your budget and institution’s academic mission with an unrivaled catalog of 4.3 million titles from 30,000+ premier publishers in more than 100 languages.

Why have colleges of all sizes already partnered with OverDrive?

Libby, the most-awarded reading app, provides access to content when your campus needs it, no matter where they are. Students will love how easy Libby is to use, and because Libby is available in 10 languages, your digital library will be accessible to everyone on your campus.

From pleasure reading to curriculum support, meet your campus’s needs instantly with a diverse range of subject matter including:

  • Literature
  • Bestsellers
  • Technology
  • Professional development
  • Psychology
  • Engineering

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Along with content for specialized institutions such as seminaries, business leadership and healthcare.

Join the hundreds of schools who already support their campus with a digital library from OverDrive

Give your campus anytime access to streaming video that entertains, educates & inspires

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