Publisher FAQs

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Content supply FAQs

Publishers must submit ebooks in one of these formats: EPUB 2, EPUB 3, Open EPUB, fixed-layout EPUB, or PDF. EPUB is preferred over PDF wherever possible.

For audiobook content, publishers must submit CD-quality digital audio source in either MP3 format (preferred) or lossless WAV format.

Cover images for any content must be submitted as JPG files, with a minimum of 680 pixels on the longest side.

Metadata for any content must be submitted in ONIX 2.1, ONIX 3, or XLSX format.

Please do not include title samples with any content deliveries.

Ebooks and audiobooks are delivered via the OverDrive FTP site. We will provide you necessary login credentials.

MediaMarkers™ are a navigational feature applied to all audiobooks and are most similar in functionality to a chapter list or a table of contents. When you submit audio content to us, we will provide specific instructions for sorting your audio content into labeled tracks to help us create MediaMarkers.

Downloadable ebooks are DRM-protected unless provided in the Open EPUB (DRM-free) format.

Downloadable audiobooks are provided in MP3 format, which is not DRM-protected.

Audiobooks are converted to 64kbps stereo compression 44 KHz MP3 files, watermarked, and available as a DRM-free download or in-browser/in-app streaming service.

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