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Level up employee engagement and performance with a custom-built collection of ebooks and audiobooks.

A corporate digital library from OverDrive Professional offers organizations of any kind and size one of the most cost-effective and easy to implement learning & research tools.

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OverDrive Professional solves and supports:

Professional Development Opportunities

Provide a cost-effective way to support every employee’s unique learning and development goals with always current educational titles on any subject.

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Company Culture & Satisfaction

Prioritize employee engagement, wellness, innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion with a digital library that contributes to stronger company culture and ROI.

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Industry Specific Skill-Building

Keep teams up-to-date in compliance, training and research from subject matter experts and thought leaders in your industry.

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Remote & Hybrid Work Environments

Accessible 24/7 and on any device, a digital library ensures employees in any location have the same access to resources to level up their performance.

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