Sora + Public Library CONNECT

New student readers boost circulation

Your library is always working to expand its reach and impact with young readers, and connecting with schools plays an important part in this.

Enter the Sora K-12 reading app. Through its game-changing Public Library CONNECT feature, Sora empowers students to borrow age-appropriate ebooks and audiobooks from both their school AND local public library digital collections.

The result of this exposure to more books? Kids read more and your juvenile and young adult circulation grows.

Opt in to Public Library CONNECT now!

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Benefits for libraries:

  • Engage the next generation of loyal library users
  • Increase circulation of juvenile & young adult digital content
  • Gain valuable insights into student usage of your digital collection

51 min. webinar
Learn more about how the Sora app can help your library connect more students with more books

How it works

Simply opt in to Public Library CONNECT.

OverDrive automatically enables students in your community to access age-appropriate titles through the Sora app.

See student usage in Marketplace.

Schools & libraries across the country are connecting to get students reading more

Jefferson County, Alabama

San Antonio, Texas

Wood County, West Virginia

Fresno County, California

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