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An entire legal catalog in digital format


By combining OverDrive's platform - chosen by 65,000 libraries, schools, and colleges worldwide - with the robust catalog of available from LexisNexis content, we make legal research easier than ever. Using a digital library means you're never more than a few clicks away from your catalog, and helps you save time and money.


Easier-than-ever research

With the digital content provided by LexisNexis, you can quickly borrow titles, search for what you need, and share what you find with others. Our features include:

  • Convenient links to Lexis Advance® inside ebooks
  • Search entire volumes for phrases and keywords
  • Easy ways to share titles with colleagues
  • A notes and highlights section to organize your annotations

offered by LexisNexis

24/7 Access

With the LexisNexis Digital Library, you’ll have access to your books anytime, anywhere

Reports & Insights

We provide deep insight into usage of your digital library, equipping you to build an attractive collection

OverDrive content

Along with your legal catalog, you can purchase additional ebooks separately from OverDrive from a catalog of over 3 million titles from OverDrive’s robust selection of publishers

Cost effectiveness

You never have to worry about eBooks getting lost or damaged

Ebooks are light!

It's a lot easier to carry around a tablet vs. a 20lb treatise
24/7 Access
Reports & Insights
OverDrive content
Cost effectiveness
Ebooks are light

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