The New OverDrive

The New OverDrive App

A completely reengineered platform through the use of improved technology and APIs, the new website offers the quickest, easiest way to get started reading for library users. It simplifies the borrowing process, enhances discoverability of digital content and gives library staff powerful curation tools to customize the browsing experience for their readers.

Read, Listen, Watch, Enjoy.

One app, thousands of eBooks, audiobooks, and videos from your local library.

Available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android, Chromebook, Windows 8 & 10, Kindle Fire HD

There are so many new and improved features included at the new website, and here are just a few:

If you have any questions about the new OverDrive website, or interested in staff training opportunities, please contact your Account Specialist.

Powerful curation

Libraries will have complete control over how the homepage and menu collections are displayed at their new website. Using quick and easy tools in OverDrive Marketplace > Curate, libraries can create and feature collections of interest to their community such as popular book club reads, a local author spotlight, book-to-movie tie-ins, and more.

Enhanced search

The new website offers auto-complete search functionality, which allows users to type in the name of the book or author they’re looking for, and search results will begin to display to connect them with that title or author quickly and accurately.


Advantage purchases are now seamlessly integrated into the shared collection. When an Advantage user signs in, we’ll automatically note and remember their home library so the next time they visit, they’ll automatically see both the shared collection and Advantage collection. Advantage libraries will have their own URL that they can promote and customize through curation tools in OverDrive Marketplace, allowing each library to create a browsing experience specifically designed for their community.

Recommend to Library (RTL)

The new OverDrive website is designed to ensure no one leaves empty-handed. When a user recommends a title to the library for purchase, they’ll be prompted with titles of similar interest that are immediately available to borrow.

Everything you love is still there

Popular features like eReading Rooms for kids and teens, multilingual support, and much more will still be available on the new OverDrive website, but with a new look.