This year’s Pi Day isn’t just any ol’ holiday that celebrates an irrational and transcendental number, but a once in a lifetime date in which the year lines up with the number as well: 3.1415…. (3-14-15)

To help celebrate this very mathematical date, the Collection Team has created a collection of popular science and math books for all kinds of celebrators.  The list includes self-improvement books for those of us who might need a little help to brush up on their math skills, to puzzle books for those of us who find math quite fun.  We have books that reveal the mathematical secrets of The Simpsons, biographies of famous historical mathematicians, and statistics books that show us how numbers as inescapably essential to our daily lives.

And of course, there are also plenty of pie cookbooks in the list as well- because who doesn’t want to celebrate a holiday with some homonym desserts?

If you are a math or pie enthusiast, get in the spirit of the holiday by reading some of these novels.  And bake a delicious pie too! Don’t forget to raise a slice (or a glass) this Saturday for Pi!