We are excited to announce a few promotional updates to support your library or school’s marketing efforts. You can always count on OverDrive to assist in helping you get the word out about your digital offerings.

PPUpdateOne of the reasons I like window shopping so much is because I am a visual person. I can be more decisive if I can actually picture my purchases. Sometimes you just need to see something to know it’s for you. OverDrive took this approach in our new update to the Partner Portal. We offer a wealth of promotional materials for libraries and schools to take advantage of at the ultra-low price of free (my kind of shopping!), but sometimes you need to see it to know you need it. Our Getting Started pages for Libraries and K-12 Schools now offer visual graphics, with size dimensions, to accompany our links. On these pages you’ll find posters, sticker sheets, flyers, bookmarks, web graphics and more. Scroll through the page to see our offerings and choose material that works best for your community. If you don’t see what you are looking for, click the link at the bottom of each page to see additional options. Keep in mind, you can request custom updates to any of the materials you see by way of your library or school’s Account Specialist!

Speaking of visual, we now offer a short promotional video to embed or share on your library’s social media page http://partners.overdrive.com/marketing-outreach/libraries/social-media/. We tried our hand at a commercial offering to simply make users aware of your OverDrive service and we think you’ll like it. It’s straight to the point and a lot of fun (School partners, you may notice the lack of youngsters, don’t worry we hope to offer an equally creative short for you to share soon!).

Lastly, on point with the ‘visualize part of this post, don’t forget to make your users aware of your exciting periodical collection, if you have one. Magazines and periodicals are still one of the most wildly read media—how do you think I became the master shopper I am today? Magazines are my guidebook to all things fabulous and fresh in fashion.  We have valuable resources to help you promote your periodical collection, including newly added “Also available as a digital magazine” stickers that can be put on the cover of your print copies.

Stay fresh everyone and enjoy all the free options we offer before they go out of style!


Christina Samek is Launch Specialist with OverDrive