By: Adam Sockel, OverDrive Social Media Specialist

Being a library company we fervently believe in the importance of Banned Books Week. Regardless of whether you agree with the information presented in a particular book it’s essential that the information be made available for readers to discover and discuss. Books being challenged is nothing new so we asked some of Team OverDrive for their favorite “banned books” and provided important quotes from each one that show why this content should always be available at libraries.


Sometimes life is all about perspective. Times may be tough but there can always be a silver lining. Try to make the most out of difficult situations and then the good times will be that much better. 



People will make turn a story around to make it work for themselves. It’s important to sift through and find the real and true order of the events. 



You never can tell how things will affect you or someone else until it’s happening. What may seem like a minor issue may, in fact, be emotionally crippling or destructive. Be sure never to judge someone’s emotional response without first trying to understand what is happening.


Families come in all shapes, sizes and forms. It’s not your place to judge how someone defines what family represents to them. Love is love. 



Emotions can be difficult to define. Accepting the fact that we can experience multiple emotions at the same time can be even more difficult. The important thing to remember is that it’s okay to feel these things. You’re allowed to be sad and you’re allowed to be happy. Life is not black and white. It’s shades of grey and our emotions often are as well.



Words can be the most powerful weapon on Earth. What you read can forever change you and what you say can forever alter our place in this world and the relationships that make up our life. Words can move people and change lives, if you know how to use them.



People will judge you for the things you say, the beliefs you hold, the relationships you maintain and the way you present yourselves. It’s important that you don’t let their judgement change what you believe in. In other words, “to thine own self be true.”



Look past the surface. Not everything is always as it seems and this goes for things that appear good or bad.



No matter how difficult something may seem you always have the ability to get through it. “If you can make it through the dark, there’s a brighter day.”



You can talk about life and all you want but it’s important to make sure that’s not all you do. Go out and live your life too. There are adventures and experiences waiting for you. Go find them and then share your stories. 



It might seem like the only things in this world right now are hatred, anger and vitriol. Don’t let that be the only things in YOUR life. If you’re willing to search you’ll find happiness, laughter and love. Enough of it, in fact, for everyone in your life.