devices in the classroomEighty percent of schools and districts use eBooks, audiobooks and digital textbooks in their classrooms. That’s a lot of devices to manage, and the technology is constantly changing. We wondered how students were using devices in the classroom to access that digital content. Was 1:1 most common, or BYOD? What devices are most popular? Which are most effective? So earlier this year, OverDrive and ASCD surveyed over 2,000 educators about edTech in the classroom.

Devices in the classroom

Three-quarters of K-12 students use laptops everyday. Chromebooks comprise 1/2 of total US education devices. Six out of 10 students use tablets, and less than half use desktop computers. Over half of schools have a 1:1 program, and of the ones that do not, 10% of schools allow students to Bring Your Own Device.

Teachers find laptops most effective for instruction, followed by interactive whiteboards. Surprisingly, tablets ranked third. Nearly half of educators surveyed agree that edTech helps better assess learning outcomes.

Popular edTech devices to consider

Apple iPad: The most popular tablet in K-12 classrooms, with the largest choice of apps available

Google Chromebook: The most popular laptop in K-12 classrooms, quickly overtaking Apple as the preferred tool and brand.

Sony Vaio T Series Ultrabook: lightweight laptop with a touch screen, perfect for middle and high schoolers.

Intel Studybook: rugged tablet with two cameras, a microphone, and light sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: tablet with S pen and split screen feature for multitasking.

Statistics! More Statistics!

devices in the classroomHow Students Access Digital Content is an easy-to-digest infographic on how schools are delivering eBooks, audiobooks and other formats, generated from the OverDrive and ASCD educator survey. You’ll find more information on the most popular devices and which are viewed as most effective, the relationship between 1:1 and BYOD, and the importance of aligning a device strategy with digital content plans.


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