It’s almost that time of year when exams wrap up and students head home for holiday break (and you do too!) and that means it’s time for you and your students to get cozy than with your favorite eBook or audiobook, some marshmallow loaded cocoa, and some holiday pajamas.

In the spirit of the cozy, holiday season, we are excited to unveil our Holiday Marketing Kit live now at the Resource Center. We’ve compiled the best holiday digital graphics, event ideas, print pieces, and recommended lists for schools to ensure reading continues even when school is closed.Snow Days.jpg

Our digital graphics showcase each holiday this season, along with jolly images to celebrate YA romances, snow days, tablets under the tree and more! Share on your school or library website and across social media to encourage reading over break.

Our event ideas and print materials are excellent ways to capture student interest when school is in session. Check out our eBook Holiday Story Hour and enjoy ‘eBook’ies and Cookies’…because cookies! Our print pieces include a seasonal holiday flyer and eBook New Year’s Resolutions. Post around school: in or on lockers, high traffic bulletin boards, the school library, cafeteria…etc.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing recommended lists our collection elves have compiled again. You’ll find holiday stories to keep spirits warm and bright all winter long.

Enjoy and have a Happy Holiday Break!