If Hollywood is to be believed, students unfailingly hate studying poetry. This is hardly a universal truth. True, some poets have left us with harder codes to crack. And yet. Most students love writing their own poetry. And so do we! We tried out a sonnet to celebrate national Poetry Month.

During April, what are you doing to encourage your students to TRY this genre? Let us know in the comments.


Who doesn’t love a bit of poetry?

The rhyme and rhythm, structure, all the rest.

Well, April is the month of poems, you see.

It’s time to put our students to the test.

One place to start is asking kids to hold

A poem inside their pockets, close at hand.

Each picks a favorite verse and, if you’re bold,

You’ll ask them to perform it on demand.

But what about the students who are shy?

We think that you should have them do haiku.

Three lines of nature writing they should try

And maybe you can write some sonnets, too.

No matter how you choose to celebrate,

We hope to hear your month of poems was great!