By: Christina Samek, OverDrive Marketing Specialist

If you are like me, you always reach for the table tent or table talker at a restaurant. Because, most often, it features the dessert menu. The dessert menu is the best part of any dining experience especially if it features bread pudding…getting off track here. In short, a table tent is an eye-catching way to entice your readers to explore more reading options like say…enhancing their reading experience with OverDrive!

Take Washington County School District for example. They placed table tents all through out their district libraries. Despite the magnificent view of the mountains in the background, it’s hard to miss these sitting on every table. It’s a fantastic way to have a physical reminder of the digital collection in a high-traffic space!

You can create your own materials like Washington County did or you can easily download a customizable template from the Resource Center.

Just download, print, and fold!