By: Sasha Zborovsky, OverDrive Intern

Manga: A History

In the last century, Manga comics have become an integral part of not only Japanese, but also global literary culture. From the unmistakably unique illustrations, to countless genres ranging from sports to magical romances, it is no surprise that these stories permeate comic-cons and comic markets across the world. The term “Manga” directly translates to “whimsical pictures,” which perhaps best encompasses the magic behind this literary genre. Manga consists of both art and stories, a literary quality that makes every narrative more fun for all ages and genres. The combination of these two artistic forms is simply magical.

Manga on Your eReader

Back in the real world…These stories are not too far away. You don’t need to book a flight to Japan or attend the next Comic-Con convention in California to experience the magic of Manga though both are heavily recommended activities that you should still definitely pursue. Regardless, you can enjoy Manga from the comfort of your own home, as thousands of Manga titles are available on your eReader.

Kodansha and Manga

How is this possible? Well, Kodansha is a renowned publisher of Manga comics and KAM (Kodansha Advanced Media) is their United States subsidiary. Recently, the company also expanded title access to Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. This company has been integral to the world of Manga for over a century. Today, both in print and through OverDrive, they support some of the world’s most popular manga titles. In recent years, they have released popular titles such as Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail. In a culture of Manga and anime, Kodansha’s thousands of titles animate countless worlds: worlds where Colossal Titans plot to wipe out humanity and wizards establish guilds to organize their magical powers. But, like comics, with Manga, it seems as though the content never runs out. The stories simply continue from magazine to magazine with content available digitally on almost every platform. These comics are simultaneously serious and funny, magical and real. Manga has content to fit your every mood and whim.


It is time for you to join worlds of spirits and alternate universes. Embrace anime kittens and souls that have a nasty habit of slipping out of their owner’s bodies. Join schoolchildren, as they fall in love and Holy Knights, as they to journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins. Find characters who spend their spare time playing the violin or learning ninja techniques. The symbolism and story of Manga transcend all cultures and borders.

OverDrive’s Recommendations

If you have never experienced the magic of Manga, here are 10 titles from Kodansha Advanced Media to start you on your Manga adventures. Or, if you’re already an avid fan of this literary genre, here are 10 more titles to add to your repertoire.

Attack on Titan
Fairy Tail
Chi’s Sweet Home
My Little Monster
The Seven Deadly Sins
A Silent Voice
Say I Love You
Your Lie in April
10 Tsubasa Omnibus