Every single day we are hashtag blessed with the opportunity to interact with thousands of librarians around the globe. Their relentless creativity and tireless promotion of literacy continues to amaze us. Around Thanksgiving, it is customary to think back about all the events and instances we’re thankful for and so we asked a few members of Team OverDrive for their thoughts. Given that I am writing this post, I suppose it’s only fair that I start us off…

Adam Sockel, Marketing Communications Specialist


And since my brother works here as well, I’ll make him go next…


Jason Sockel, Collection Development Sales Manager


Adam Eberle, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


Noel Fenton, Collection Development Specialist 


Lindsey Levinsohn, Library Partner Services Account Specialist


Hannah Monson, Collection Development Specialist


Lauren Bajda, Digital Media Events Specialist


Melissa Marin, Marketing Specialist


Cindy Orr, Digital Collection Advisor


Lori Franklin, Chief Operating Officer