By: Abbie Frank, Outreach Specialist.

We know that planning an event can be stressful and you have A LOT of details to think through, but don’t fret. OverDrive has fun, event templates in the Resource Center to grab the attention of your readers.

Let’s take a look…

ebook story time

device raffle







eBook Story Time
We know your main priority at school is to educate our amazing young minds and we love that! How about another simple way to do so? An eBook story time can help you connect with the students while also showing them all of the great materials you have in your digital collection. Don’t forget to check out OverDrive’s recommended titles section to make sure you are in-tune with the interest of your young readers.

Device Giveaway
Kids love to win prizes! Why not make it a win-win situation? Having a device giveaway at your school will not only motivate your students to win an awesome device but it will get them excited about what your school’s digital library has to offer! OverDrive has created a few templates for how to arrange and promote this type of offer in your school and make it a success. Follow these few simple steps and OverDrive can almost guarantee your school library will be on it’s way to even more reading excellence!

Let’s Do it!
OverDrive would love for you to take full advantage of all the exciting new ways to promote to your readers. OverDrive knows your collection is fantastic and is extremely excited to see you take the next step in connecting with your readers. Now go show them what you got and as always, visit the Resource Center if you need any additional support with your promoting.

Happy Reading!