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Provide the right books for every reader.

Use government relief funds to build your own “Diversity for Literacy” collection in Sora.

Your Challenge

How to provide access to books that resonate with each student? It can be tough to promote an equitable and inclusive library collection that reflects the school community, but here’s a tool that can help.

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Top educators ensure that students have mirrors to “see” themselves represented in the books they read and windows to bring visibility to other cultures with sliding doors that introduce students to a variety of experiences. A diverse collection of digital books can build a culture of empathy and inclusivity by showing that we are alike even when we come from different backgrounds. This is the power of literacy.

Some of the award-winning titles in our Diversity for Literacy collection

Your Solution

Use our Diversity for Literacy collection to build or enhance your digital collection with texts about different cultures: Latinx, Indigenous, Asian American Pacific Islander, African American, LBGTQ and texts that have characters with mental and physical differences. This is a powerful use of government education stabilization funds.

Here’s how:

  1. Complete the form to download the spreadsheet of titles in the Diversity for Literacy collection.
  2. Sort and filter the list; mark titles for purchase.
  3. Share your list with your Sora Account Manager or Librarian. We’ll help you use government relief funds, if applicable.

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Crowdsourced from many Sora digital collections across the U.S., we pulled the top titles curated for diversity by school librarians, added award winners, researched author bios, and analyzed BISAC subject headings to produce this rich data you can use today. While no methodology is definitive, this list will certainly help simplify your job of picking titles for your school’s unique population.

Includes rich data:

  • OverDrive Marketplace TitleID
  • Title, Creator, Edition, Series, Publisher
  • Creator Voice (where available)
  • BISAC Subject heading
  • Book jacket image
  • and more…


  • Create a digital lending library of books that resonate
  • Fill gaps in your existing digital book collection
  • Support engaging discussions with class sets, supplemental reading, or summer reading
  • Access digital resources as a private way for students to gather information on sensitive issues like identity

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