By Adam Sockel, OverDrive’s Social Media Specialist

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It’s no secret that a large number of the movies that come to the big screen every year are book adaptations. If people love reading a book the belief is that they’ll like the movie version as well. For screenwriters and producers, using a popular book as the basis for their movie also guarantees a passionate base audience for when it comes out.

Most years, a few of these page to screen titles end up being nominated during awards season but this year it’s as if the Oscars are officially a literary awards show. In fact, six of the eight films up for Best Picture are based on books and there are nine different book inspired films that are up for awards in all including The Revenant, The Martian and numerous others.

To capitalize on these trendy titles, movie theaters will feature them throughout the spring and you can do the same with your digital collection. We’ve created a cart of these books in Marketplace that you can purchase and then create a curated collection of “Oscar Nominated Books” to highlight for your users. We also have a list of past “Book to Best Picture” nominees available that you can add to create a more robust collection.

Timely curated collections are an excellent way to highlight great content in your digital library and by showing off these trending titles you’re sure to see your circulation rise. Whether Leo finally wins his Oscar or not your patrons are sure to love these award-winning books.