By Christina Samek, Marketing Specialist with OverDrive


Your library’s digital collection is available 24/7, 365 days a year, anytime and anywhere. It’s an easy way to meet your users in the space they are most comfortable be it their couch, or their morning commute or during their lunch break! However, you can still meet them IN the library, where all the magic began.

OverDrive Media Station (OMS) is a web-based platform optimized for touchscreen kiosk hardware, placed in your library in easy view for your readers. It helps raise awareness of your digital collection for users who are unfamiliar with your service and offers an easy way to demonstrate how to borrow the great digital content you provide.

With OMS, users can browse your existing collection, sample content and send titles to any device for checkout via text message, email or QR code. Like the popular Redbox kiosks in your local grocery, it’s a fun and visual way to digest content that fits your needs. And, it’s a touchscreen! Who doesn’t love poking around on those?

Some of your most active readers may not be aware of your digital offerings, OMS allows you to easily showcase your content at the touch of a finger. The platform itself is very intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users of all ages and technical know-how to walk up and get started right away. Visual representation is key in any promotional effort. I’m sure everyone can name at least one billboard that made them think, laugh or even, cringe. OMS makes your digital collection part of the physical library, giving your readers something they can actually touch and connect with on the base level. We may be digital, but we never stop thinking about ways to get a book in the hands of all readers.

If your are interested in an OMS for your library, contact your Collection Specialist today. We are happy to discuss system requirements, promotional material and staff training to make sure you and your library get the most out of your OMS experience.