As the seasons finally shift, April sunshine invites us to ditch those winter layers and soak up the sun with our favorite warm-weather pastimes. So whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or more of a beach bum, here are some outdoorsy ideas to get you off the couch and into the summer spirit. And with baseball season in full swing, check out our J/YA baseball book recommendations, or check out our Summer Read titles.

1. Take a hike


2. Plan a picnic with friends


3. Visit the Farmer’s Market


4. Ride bikes


5. Attend a music festival


6. Two words: ice. cream.


7. Watch the sunset


8. Find the perfect tree to curl up under (or in!) and READ


9. Go rollerblading (see: #4)


10. Tie dye something (or everything)


11. Go camping. Glamping maybe?


12. Hit the pool or beach. But not literally.

13. Sports! Play one, watch one, or invent a new one.


14. Plant a garden


15. Check on the anxiety levels of your favorite zoo animals


16. Make a bonfire


17. Take a trip to the fair


18. Walk your dog. Or cat. Or whatever.


19. How about a wee dab of birdwatching?


20. Play in the sprinkler


21. Unwind with a relaxing afternoon of fishing


22. Attend a holiday parade


23. Hang around the park with a friend


24. Fly a kite


25. Go stargazing

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