By: Adam Sockel, OverDrive Marketing & Communications Specialist

Earth Day

Around OverDrive’s Blue Sky campus we take Earth Day seriously. On this day, we kick off our office gardening group and place an emphasis on our year-long recycling campaigns. Stop by our LEED-certified green building and you’ll find efficient lighting, HVAC and low-water fixtures all designed to promote an environment of innovation. Our emphasis on the importance of maintaining our planet also extends to our products, of course, as reading eBooks and listening to digital audiobooks naturally reduces the amount of paper needed for the creation of reading material. We don’t want to step on any Lorax-sized shoes by saying we speak for the trees, but we certainly love seeing more of them around.

Regardless of how you plan on spending your Earth Day, we have digital titles that will pair perfectly with your activity. If you’re like us and are planning to kick off your gardening plans, here are some titles you may enjoy. Looking to get outdoors and get active this Spring? Eat and Run by Scott Jurek is a great choice to help motivate you. Perhaps you’re interested in taking a long nature hike to be one with the trees this Earth Day. If that’s the case, these audiobooks are right up your alley. We even have a full series of titles by Cloverleaf Books Planet Protectors that are ideal for showing young readers how they can help keep our planet beautiful in their lives too.

Much like Kermit, we appreciate the fact that it’s not always easy being green but we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to increase your relationship with Mother Nature or decrease your environmental footprint, we have an eBook or audiobook that will help you stick with your plan.