The blended learning approach is growing in popularity for K-12, but what are the best practices to ensure you achieve its full benefits? Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insight from Instructional Technology Coach Anne Aita, who’ll share how she’s helped the Beaufort County Public School District (SC) successfully integrate eBooks and audiobooks into the classroom.

Booklist Webinar—How to Make Blended Learning Work in Your School

Thursday, April 20, 2017 1:00 pm Central/2:00 Eastern
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Why blended learning?

blended learningA PBS teacher survey found 81% believe the use of tablets in the classroom enhances learning. McGraw-Hill Education conducted a survey with college-age students that illustrates the power of technology when offered with careful instruction:

  • 80% indicated they use mobile devices for studying
  • 80% believe the use of technology will improve their employment opportunities upon entering the workforce
  • 4/5 students agree digital technology has improved their grades
  • 81% note digital learning helps save time and increases efficiency
  • 69% agree it helps them retain information
  • 79% say it makes them aware of new concepts

eBooks and audiobooks for blended learning

Blended learning classrooms are both high tech and high touch. Excellent teaching is augmented by thoughtful technology, it is not replaced by it. Visit our blended learning page to learn more about how eBooks and audiobooks can support blended learning.

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