By: Ty Sugkick, Account Manager and Kristen Griesmer, Product Support Specialist

Summer is the perfect time for teachers and students to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Teachers, the school year is over and that means you have a break from grading, lesson planning, team meetings, conferences, data analysis, professional development, evaluations and so much more. And for students, a much needed break from schoolwork and extracurriculars!

Team OverDrive thinks you deserve a well-needed break this summer! So, before that inaugural school bell, be sure to take some time just for you. We want you to take care of you, and what better way than to practice self-care and mindfulness?

Self-Care Ideas

Take time out to work on you; your physical and mental health need attention, too! Find things that work for you and practice them all year long in your daily life! Remember, Happy is the New Healthy!

Find a Hobby – Have you been neglecting a hobby? Summer is a great time to pick up that old hobby or maybe even learn a new one. We are all looking for productive ways to pass the time, and if you become good enough, you could even make some extra change from your hobby. The fun part of having a hobby? There is no pressure!

Do something Fun – During the school year, things are very hectic and always going at a fast pace. It’s completely acceptable to treat yourself with a fun and relaxing day. Is there a friend you’d like to catch up with? Maybe it’s doing a fun activity with your family. Here are some fun summer activities: go to the zoo, play a round of putt-putt, go to an amusement park, have a cookout, see fireworks, go to a baseball game.


Get outside – Get outside, enjoy the tranquility of the birds chirping and the sunshine. Take a walk, go hiking, kayaking or swimming. Just relax by a beach, lake or pool. Either way, the endorphins from these activities will boost your mood and the vitamin D your body is craving will help boost your health as well. Spending time outside will help rejuvenate your memory and focus, boost your energy and increase your creativity. Be in nature and take a minute to be mindful of the beauty of it. Take A Walk in the Woods and explore what’s going on around you and feel the stress melt away.

Mindfulness ideas

Distractions can do you in. Social media, cellphones and worrying about our next tasks can keep us from being in the moment. Mindfulness is being self-aware and in the moment, acknowledging what is all around you in order to kick that feeling of being overwhelmed and positively manage the curveballs in life. At OverDrive, we aim to practice mindfulness regularly.

Meditate – Focus on being present in the moment. There are a ton of distractions in the world, some even find their way into the classroom. It’s important to take a break and breathe. Read Alphabreaths or Mindfulness on the Go to learn more on mindful breathing.

Define your values With this well-needed break, now might be a good time to evaluate what is truly important to you. The most important part of self-care is, well, yourself. We are always growing and evolving, and it is important to find what is truly guiding our life. Read some tips in Rising Strong from Brene Brown.

Journal – Clear your mind by writing out your thoughts, ideas and feelings. Journaling can be a healthy way to reflect on your life while reducing stress and anxiety. Who knows, you might find a reason to laugh at yourself later. The Gratitude Diaries and NPR Laughter Therapy will be amazing titles to get you started on your journaling journey.

We’re here to help you focus on you. Looking for more books on self-care and mindfulness? Browse these ready-made lists from our staff librarians:

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