By Sydney Kalnay, Training Manager

Every autumn, my TBR topples. Something about falling leaves and crisp, smoky air compels me to add anything and everything I’ve ever wanted to read to my already groaning wish list.  

This autumn, I’ve declared a moratorium on spooky reads after I read too much horror in the fall of 2022 and became briefly but significantly scared of my own basement. Instead, I plan to divide my time between nonfiction audiobooks (the perfect accompaniment to the summer-winter clothes swap I perform every year) and the coziest fiction I can find (candles, tea, and romance? Sign me up!).

How are you planning to help your autumn readers find their next great read? If you’re in charge of building your library’s digital collection, we’ve got two great ways to get you started and keep that momentum with our Marketplace-focused live webinars. 

Register for one of our Marketplace webinars today

On Thursday, September 7, we have a live session on using advanced search features in Marketplace to easily use filters, sorting, and key fields to find the titles your readers want most. Join us live at 2 PM (ET) for Maximize Your Time with the Top 10 Marketplace Search Techniques or to get the on-demand link sent to your inbox the very next day. Register today.

If you’re newer to Marketplace and aren’t quite ready for the advanced techniques, we have something for you, too! Our 30-minute Introduction to Marketplace webinar on Tuesday, September 26 at 11 AM (ET) is perfect for anyone new to shopping and purchasing in Marketplace or anyone who’d like a friendly and engaging walk-through. Register today.

Whether you’re brand new to digital collection development or a pro looking for our best tips for making the most of your time, we’ve got a Marketplace session for you. We’ll see you there (if we can crawl out from under this giant…toppled…stack…. (send help!)