In the tender glow of Lunar New Year, a tapestry of tradition unfolds, each thread woven with the grace of ancient tales. Timeless stories whispered by generations past linger in pages of celebration, chapters of resilience and renewal. Literary lanterns illuminate the path to a new lunar horizon, where each stroke of calligraphy tells a story of hope, family, culture, and the perennial beauty of new beginnings.

Our World Literary Tour welcomes the Year of the Dragon with a visit to Hangzhou, China. Let us breathe fire into your year with our recommended lists on language and culture, along with our specially curated Lunar New Year sale.

World Literary Tour Stop: Hangzhou, China

In the misty heart of Hangzhou, China, culture and history echo through ancient pagodas and tranquil waterways. This capital of the Zhejiang Province has no shortage of literary excellence; its magnificent scenery and rich history has nurtured numerous renowned writers and produced cherished publishing hubs, one of the largest being Zhejiang Publishing United Group. Some of the largest events in Asia draw crowds to Hangzhou, such as the 2022 Asian Games, and the city is among the best cycling locales in the world.

Legendary poets such as Su Shi were deeply influenced by the scenic beauty of Hangzhou, particularly the West Lake, which established the city as a hub of poetic creativity. This beauty is sealed forever in Bai Juyi’s masterful verse: “If I cannot bring myself yet to put Hangzhou behind me, / Half of what holds me here is on this lake.” 20th century novelist Eileen Chang spent part of her early life in Hangzhou before gaining international acclaim for her works including Love in a Fallen City and Half a Lifelong Romance. Modern writers bloom here too, such as Yu Hua who is among the greatest living authors in China and best known for his avant-garde fiction.

Short of visiting Hangzhou, we’ll provide you with the next best thing—a collection of stories to enchant and inspire.

Featured Titles

Book One

“庆余年” (Qing Yu Nian), penned by 猫腻 and 杜鑫杰, is a bestselling historical fantasy novel set in the Qing Kingdom. Follow the captivating journey of Fan Xian, a martial artist and poet, as he rises from a coastal town, navigating family feuds, martial conflicts, and political intrigue, to fight corruption and build a business empire—an enthralling tale of passion and power with a successful TV adaptation.

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Book Two

“世上的果子,世上的人” by 秀英奶奈 is a poignant exploration of Chinese rural life and resilience, skillfully woven by Xiuying, a grandmother with limited formal education. Across 60 years in the Hetao Plain of Inner Mongolia, Xiuying intertwines the stories of 25 people and 20 plants, vividly depicting the community’s strength and struggles through her art and straightforward language. Acclaimed by writer Liu Zhenyun, this work goes beyond a mere memoir, offering a genuine glimpse into an often overlooked world, making it an invaluable addition to any collection.

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Book Three

Little Newton’s ‘漫畫人類大發明與發現’ brings history and science alive with 33 vibrant comic stories, making complex subjects accessible and enjoyable for young readers. An ideal resource for libraries and schools, this book sparks curiosity and fosters a passion for learning in a fun and engaging way.

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Book Four

Beloved, award-winning Chinese children’s author Bao Dongni returns with the enchanting world of ‘冰糖葫芦,谁买?’, a heartwarming masterpiece that weaves the tale of an old man’s selfless love for stray cats amid the charming streets of old Beijing. Through traditional yet playful illustrations, this book not only captivates young readers but also imparts valuable lessons on kindness and the special bonds between humans and animals.

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