We’ve arrived once again at the day of the Doc.
The time on my watch says Seuss-o-Clock
For read Across America has once again returned
And so we celebrate Theodore and his lessons we’ve learned

Dr. Seuss taught us kindness, joy, and to speak for the trees
That your wonderment can come from even a Bibbolo Seed
We’re prepping green eggs and getting socks..es for our foxes
And grabbing our striped hats from their honored storage boxes

No matter your favorite friend, be it Yertle, Horton, or a tiny green wocket
With Libby these stories are waiting for you in the phone in your pocket
There are thinks to be thunk and mountains to move
Sneetches and swift, awesome pachyderms, countless adventure to choose?

Be sure to give the Grinch and Thidwick their well deserved lovins
And try on a few of the 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.
Don’t forget the Oobleck and the Butter Battle Book
It’s just about time to snuggle up in a nook.

It’s time to stop stalling. Grab a Seuss book to read
Will their be whimsy and wonder?
Of Course! It’s 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed!