By: Jill Grunenwald, Marketing and Communications Specialist

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to reset those reading goals! From the number of books you read to the genre of titles, there is no end to the type of reading resolutions you can set for yourself. Personally, I always strive to read at least 50 books, although some years I am more successful in that endeavor than others.

Here are some of the reading resolutions Team OverDrive will be working toward over the next 12 months:

Part of my responsibilities is recommending English language books to my German-speaking librarian partners. My goal is to read every book I’m recommending to them in the quarterly eHighlights newsletters. — Lynn

My reading resolution for 2020 is to read one fiction book each month, one nonfiction each month and listen to one audiobook each month. I’ve found I work best with number goals and not genres ones. When I start regulating content I feel like I’m back in college, so I naturally rebel and just don’t read anything. — Rachel

I read mostly sci-fi and fantasy fiction, and back in 2019 I got an anthology highlighting women in science fiction. About halfway through reading the great stories in it, I realized that on my own bookshelf I could only count a single female author. That was shocking, so I resolved to only read fiction by female authors for the rest of the year, and I’ll be renewing that resolution in 2020. — Nick

I’m planning on reading more fantasy this year. — Maria

One of my lifelong goals has always been to finish the 52 in 52 challenge, and I’ve always failed! 2019 was the first year I really started diving into audiobooks so I think with the help of audio, I might actually be able to do it in 2020! I’m resolving to read or listen to 52 books. — Nickie

1) Two nonfiction books because I’m a sci-fi and fantasy junkie and need to keep up on more “real world” things
2) Two professional development books because we all need that!
3) Reread one book I read in school because so many books they made us read have life lessons I know I was too naive to understand at the time
4) One book before I see the movie, because duh, the books are always better and I’m terribly guilty of never reading the books! — Shannon

In 2019 I exceeded my 100 book goal on Goodreads by 44, so I think I will swing for 150 next year. I probably do at least a third of them on audio, especially nonfiction. — Sarah

My reading resolution for next year is to get better at my bad habit of starting five books at the same time and not finishing any of them. — Melissa

Same, Melissa. Same.

Need some inspiration for your own reading goals? The Professional Book Nerds have put together a 2020 reading challenge that will help you read outside your comfort zone this year.