Do your users have full closets, overflowing drawers and groaning shelves from years of collected stuff? Chances are many do. What’s trash—and what’s treasure?

Or your patrons may still be in thrall to antiquing and collecting. They’ll want an easy guide to what’s hot and what’s not in the collectible world, or ways to figure out what their own collectibles are worth. is the Libby Extra made for them. The Kovels have been dispensing expert information and advice on all aspects of antiques and collectibles for more than 65 years. In bestselling books, newspaper columns, and online, Terry Kovel, Kim Kovel, and their team of experts cover the fun of buying, selling, and estimating the value of the most popular antiques and collectibles. Whether your patrons shop or sell at auctions, antiques shops, house sales, or flea markets, Kovels is the perfect companion.

Practical Advice Your Library’s Patrons Can Use also offers a range of information on practical matters that are important to users, like downsizing their homes or estates. Some patrons may now have need for a smaller, more easily maintained home. With years of accumulation, they’re facing a house full of items that may or may not have value. offers a step-by-step guide on how to downsize. Here are just a few samples of the strategies Kovels has that should downsize their anxiety.

  • Sorting items
  • Tracking items
  • Determining what is giveaway, saleable or throwaway
  • Finding help from local sources when you need it
  • And much more.

For detailed information on these topics and many insider tips on making downsizing more manageable, go to the Downsizing Guide under the How to Buy or Sell tab at

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