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Use government relief funds to give every student access to the right books

Sora qualifies as an allowable use of government relief funds for K-12 schools, to ensure that each student can access the content they need and want, with just a tap. Download our free resources to learn more about securing and allocating your school’s share of funds to help your students read more.

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How Sora supports reading objectives

Sora is your gateway to the best selection of ebooks and audiobooks available to schools, spanning millions of titles from thousands of publishers. With a catalog for all interests and abilities, Sora truly offers something for all readers:

  • Instructional titles
  • Pleasure reading
  • Professional development resources

Why are schools across the globe choosing Sora?

It all starts with the catalog, of course. But Sora also delivers game-changing features to connect more students with more books and positively impact their learning.

With Sora Starter*, you get:

  • Hundreds of premium, simultaneous-use titles in the current collection of included titles
  • Required reading classics: Emma, Call of the Wild, Great Expectations, Hamlet
  • Student favorites: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, El Deafo, The Terrible Two, Every Falling Star
  • Browse and borrow age-appropriate ebooks and audiobooks from your local public library’s digital collection via Public Library CONNECT
  • Just tap to install the app and log in with school credentials

*Sora Starter is not available to schools in the United Kingdom and Australia. To learn more about how your school can get started with Sora in these regions, please contact us

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Have questions about Sora Starter?

Here are answers to some of the most commonly-asked.

What happens when no-cost content offers expire?

Sora always contains many ebooks and audiobooks—no matter when you activate your custom reading platform. Sometimes, we feature special titles that change throughout the year. When titles expire, they're no longer available, and you don't have to do a thing. Your district won't be charged for no-cost content.

Which titles are included with Sora Starter?

The Sora Starter Collection, a perennial favorite that features premium ebooks and audiobooks, comes with every activation. In addition to the Sora Starter Collection, check out our current featured titles. These books are simultaneous use, so every student in your district can access the same books at the same time.

How will my students log in to Sora?

Sora uses your school credentials to authenticate your students and faculty. It's used each time a student borrows, places a hold, or accesses previously checked out materials—and it makes using Sora easy. Most districts access Sora using Google Classroom, ClassLink, Azure/ADFS, or LDAP. We’ll work with your district’s IT team to set it up when we create your very own Sora platform.

Learn more about getting started with, using and troubleshooting Sora

Upgrade to Sora to access all the benefits of Sora Starter*, plus:

Sora Starter

Free to activate
Customized digital collection
Hundreds of simultaneous-use ebooks & audiobooks at no cost
Read in browser, iOS and Android
On-Demand Training Videos
Digital Marketing Materials
Public Library CONNECT
Authentication Setup
Access to OverDrive Marketplace: Sora’s Administrative Portal: Reporting, title assignments & view catalog Limited
Purchasing and Collection Management: Purchasing content, content access levels, & additional administrators
Customized Marketing and Training Support
Publisher Content Requests
Upload Locally Published Material
Content Transfers from Other Vendors
Deeper Technical Integration: LTI, Thin Common Cartridge, API Support
MARC Records

*Sora Starter is not available to schools in the United Kingdom and Australia. To learn more about how your school can get started with Sora in these regions, please contact us

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Sora success stories from your peers

“One thing that has really helped is that in each grade of middle school, students access at least one of their curricular texts through Sora (and the class set feature!). This gives students really great exposure to the awesome books we have in our digital collection. As they go to…”
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- Mary Thomas DC International School

“I love that Sora is easy to use and is so customizable. For instance, our eighth graders are reading biographies, autobiographies and memoirs right now. Using OverDrive Marketplace, I was able to highlight the Sora collection on our home page. I was able to pull out over…”
Read Dr. Verge’s full story

- Dr. Linda Verge Tahanto Regional Middle/High School

“I love the freedom (Sora) has provided for my students! It’s been awesome for my kids who don’t really have the family support to take them to the public library. Plus, they usually don’t have a lot of books at home. However, so many of them have phones! With the…”
Read Caroline’s full story

- Caroline Carr Parkwood Hill Intermediate

“Our second language learners have been introduced to Sora this year. Sora’s in-app definitions feature – as well as the link to Google Translate – have helped engage our international students. The app allows them to read in place without leaving to open the dictionary…”
Read Shawn’s full story

- Shawn Maas Cypress Bay High School

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