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Introduce Yourself

At its heart, OverDrive Media Station is an introduction. It’s the first experience many of your library patrons will have with your OverDrive catalog, so we made it simple. With touch and swipe gestures at touchscreen stations, patrons can sample any title and send it to their favorite device for check out.

It’s an intuitive way for your patrons to get to know your entire digital catalog–eBooks, audiobooks and streaming video. It’s the start of a relationship with more of your community, and it all takes place inside your library.



Browse everything, sample anything

OverDrive Media Station is a showcase for your entire OverDrive catalog–eBooks, audiobooks and streaming video. Your patrons can easily browse through all of your digital media and sample anything they find.



Send it anywhere

Patrons can send any title from OverDrive Media Station to their favorite device for check out using a QR code, email or SMS.

Send it anywhere



Showcase your investment

Showcase your investment

OverDrive Media Station allows you to showcase your OverDrive digital collection within your physical space. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate to your community your commitment to top-quality digital content.



Capture more readers

Some of your most active patrons may not even be aware of your digital collection. OverDrive Media Station makes it easy for any patron to walk up and get started right away. It’s an excellent tool for increasing the reach and circulation of your OverDrive catalog.

Catpure more readers