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Saturday, February 3

Presenter: Abbie Lester


Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

A How-To Guide to Digital Books

10:00am CST

How can you meet your students’ needs with digital books? Find out during this in-depth dive into how the third-largest school district in Texas curates, promotes and funds its digital collection. From determining grade level access to aligning to board policy, you’ll walk away with some crucial best practices for collection development. Plus, you’ll get a live demo of how digital books improve reading accessibility.
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Monday, February 5

Presenter: Kristen Jurek

Lead District Elementary Librarian


Promos that pop: Get your students talking about digital books

10:00am CST

Is your digital collection a hidden gem of your school - emphasis on hidden? If so, then you’ll definitely want to attend this session on best practices to promote your digital books, led by Hays CISD Lead District Elementary Librarian Kristen Jurek. From outreach ideas to tips on where to find free resources, you’ll walk away with actionable strategies you can start using right away with your own staff and students.
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Presenter: Ty Sugick

Account Manager

Sora by OverDrive

Presenter: Nick Glass

TeachingBooks Founder & Head


Read with Sora, dive deeper with TeachingBooks

2:00pm CST

Every TexQuest school has unlimited access and use of TeachingBooks – an online collection of digital materials that uplift every reader’s connections to books and reading. Now, TeachingBooks and Sora are building a magical partnership that ties books and resources together. Join leaders of these complementary products in a session that will give you new insights into how to bring fun and engaging reading connections back to your school and students.

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Tuesday, February 6

Presenter: Dianne Tidwell

Director of Digital Learning

Tomball ISD

Easy as ABC: How to build your best digital collection

11:00am CST

It’s no secret that building a compelling collection of digital books for all of your readers takes time and money. But in this session with Dianne Tidwell, Director of Digital Learning at Tomball ISD, you’ll learn about essential strategies that have helped her save time and find more funding for ebooks and audiobooks.
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Presenter: Delaine Ulmer

Library & Instructional Media Specialist

Prosper ISD

Key secrets to classroom success with Sora

2:00pm CST

Digital books are a critical component of any school library - but did you know they can be so much more than that? Led by Delaine Ulmer, Library & Instructional Media Specialist at Prosper ISD, discover her hacks for how Sora can add value in a classroom setting, include unique tools that improve text discoverability and encourage deep critical reading.

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