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Monday, February 7

Audrey Wilson-Youngblood

Library Media Specialist

Keller ISD

"How One District is Paving the Way to Personalized Learning with Ebooks & Audiobooks"


Level 1, Room C146

Personalizing learning for each student in a diverse district can be a challenge. Find out how a strong digital library can make it a little easier in this session, led by Audrey Wilson-Youngblood, Library Services Coordinator at Keller ISD.

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Tuesday, February 8

Presenter: Melissa Hughes

District Media Specialist

Brownsboro ISD

Circulation is up, book loss is down


Join Brownsboro ISD Media Specialist Melissa Hughes to hear why her district has partnered with the Sora student reading app, including specialty logins that allow students to access digital books without having to enter their email address. The result? Circulation is up and book loss is down.
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Presenter: Charlotte Polk


Brenham ISD

The power of school & public library partnerships


Brenham ISD Librarian/LMS Charlotte Polk shares how the district connected with their public library’s digital collection to maximize resources, and how students can access these valuable reading resources with their school login.
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Presenter: Connie Bowman

Account Executive

Sora, by OverDrive Education

How to Individualize Learning with Content Bundles & New Features in Sora


Supporting the unique learning needs of your students has never been more of a challenge. Fortunately, digital books in Sora have never been easier or more flexible to access. This session will show educators how to apply new features such as content bundles, Sora Extras, Digital Class Sets, magazines and more to help students get the most out of reading. We'll also delve into Sora's student reading data to help educators adjust their strategies for specific students. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how digital books can take learning to places print can't go.
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Wednesday, February 9

Presenter: Kristen Spain

Library Media Specialist

McKinney ISD

My district’s journey to digital book success


Library Media Specialist Kristen Spain details how McKinney ISD leveraged a grant to get started with digital books and how the district allocates funds to grow its collection. She’ll also provide an overview of the selection process to ensure maximum return on investment.

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Presenter: Marnie Cushing

Coordinator of Library Services

Crandall ISD

Opening a world of reading through the public library


Getting more books into the hands of more students is the topic of this exciting session from Crandall ISD Coordinator of Library Services Marnie Cushing. This is a can’t miss-session for anyone looking to increase access to books and boost reading rates!
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Presenter: Stacy Cameron

Media Specialist

New Caney ISD

Building school-specific digital collections to better meet reading needs


Learn how Stacy Cameron, Media Specialist at New Carney ISD, utilizes both building-specific and the district-wide digital collections to meet every school and student’s unique reading and learning needs.

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Thursday, February 10

Presenter: Judy Boone

Library Services Coordinator PK-12

Irving ISD

Best practices for promoting your digital collection


So, you’ve built a great digital collection, now how do you ensure it’s being used? In this engaging session, Irving ISD Library Services Coordinator Judy Boone will provide best practices for promotion, including custom curation, infographics, videos and more.

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Friday, October 22nd

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