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Visit us at TCEA to hear presentations from our partners! You'll learn all about Sora, OverDrive's student reading app, and can see how others are implementing digital content to engage their students and staff. Each session also offers a chance to win a Lenovo Tablet, so don't miss out!

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Concurrent Session:

One Large District's Digital Reading Roadmap

Wednesday, February 1, 3:00pm-4:00pm

Room 212AB

Discover one district's successful template for using digital books across their entire school community, from simple curation tricks to maximize time and budget to outreach tips that will get students and staff raring to read more!

You'll get both district- and school-level insights into how to implement, budget for and grow your ebook and audiobook collection, including how to leverage unique-to-digital features like title assignments and in-app public library access to increase access to reading choice. Plus, you'll take away successful tips to promote literacy to your entire school community, so that every student understands that a book is never more than a few taps away.

Elizabeth Rush

Library Specialist

Northside ISD

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In-Booth Presentations #1672:

Tuesday, January 31

Presenter: Juli Gilbert

Instructional Technology Specialist

Henry County Schools (GA)

How data can drive your digital collection


Take a deeper dive into one of the most important benefits of digital books: data! Led by Juli Gilbert, Instructional Technology Specialist at Henry County Schools (GA), learn how to use the Insights tab in OverDrive Marketplace to pull reports and curate collections based on real-time reading data.
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Presenter: Michelle Leggett

Educational Technology Specialist

Pearland ISD

Presenter: Seantele Foreman


Pearland ISD

A quick guide to digital reading: How to spread the word and support students


In this two-part presentation, join librarians from Pearland ISD to learn how to spread awareness of your school's digital collection and how Sora can be used to make reading accessible for every student. First, get insights from Librarian Seantele Foreman on how you can promote your digital collection using simple social media strategies and collaboration across departments. Then, join Educational Technology Specialist Michelle Leggett to learn about all of Sora's different accessibility features, including high-contrast mode, multilingual support and so much more.
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Wednesday, February 1

Presenter: Glenna Reisner


Waxahachie ISD

Access for every reader: How digital deepens reading connections


How can you maximize the reading resources across your entire school community, from teachers, to students, and even parents? It starts with access! Join Glenna Reisner, Librarian at Waxahachie ISD to learn how her district uses Sora's Add a Library feature to expand access to ebooks and audiobooks and foster reading habits they can carry from the library into their classroom and home.

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Presenter: Claire Hogg

District Lead Librarian

San Angelo ISD

How to soar from the ground up


Learn how to begin your journey with Sora, right from the start. Join Claire Hogg, District Lead Librarian to discover how San Angelo ISD rated their beginning collection, partnered with the county library to expand reading options and promoted their collection to their entire school community, including students, teachers and parents. You'll also find out how they partnered with their digital reading team at OverDrive to expand and curate their collection, and access training resources to enable staff and students to get the most out of Sora.
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Thursday, February 2

Presenter: Sadona Woody

Libraries & Instructional Materials Coordinator

Harlandale ISD

Simple ways to create promotions that pop


Looking for new ideas to help promote your digital collection? Look no further! Join this session, hosted by Sadona Woody, Libraries and Instructional Materials Coordinator from Harlandale ISD, to learn her tricks to spread the word about Sora across her school district. She'll share everything from newsletters and how-to guides to social media promotions and more.

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Presenter: Rhia Johnson

Library Media Specialist

Wylie ISD

Quick tips to drive digital reading


Interested in learning how your school can adopt strategies to get students and staff excited about digital books and increase reading? Join Rhia Johnson, Library Media Specialist at Wylie ISD to learn how her district uses virtual book clubs and diverse reading recommendations to increase reading as much as 150 percent!

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