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Now is the time to explore digital books for the 2020-2021 school year

More than 1.2 million Texas K-12 students enjoy our ebooks and audiobooks every day, and we’re pleased to offer a balanced and diverse catalog of supplemental and student choice reading titles for your classroom, curated to meet your curriculum.

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How ebooks & audiobooks can enhance your curriculum

Promote Balanced Literacy

Ebooks and audiobooks support the Balanced Literacy approach and offer exclusive benefits that traditional print books cannot provide.

Personalize the experience

Varied formats and powerful tools like a dyslexic font expand reading opportunities for ESL students and those with disabilities.

Maximize your investment

Embracing digital content is affordable. In fact, it can actually help save schools money over the course of an adoption.

"When students are enjoying a book, they are more capable of expressing themselves, such as how the book relates to them and the formation of opinions to defend. With OverDrive and a quality collection, students are allowed to choose books that they will enjoy, which will further these skills for college and beyond."

Kathy Seybert

Coordinator of Instructional Media | Grand Prairie ISD | Grand Prairie, Texas