Time Warner, Harlequin, IDG Books plus 30 additional Publishers directly manage Microsoft® Reader, Open eBook and XML metadata production via private websites


CLEVELAND, Ohio – April 5, 2001 – OverDrive, Inc. (www.overdrive.com) announced the launch of a series of private Content Management Portals. The web portals enable Publishers to directly control and manage the conversion process from print, desktop publishing, HTML and other file, image and text formats into Open eBook repositories for Microsoft® Reader or Print on Demand applications. Using the web portals, 33 publishing companies from around the world successfully delivered hundreds of eBooks, converted using OverDrive’s ReaderWorks software, to barnesandnoble.com for the August 8 launch of their Microsoft Reader eBookstore.

Harlequin, Yale University Press, IDG Books Worldwide and Time Warner are among the publishers who use the private web portals. The web portals provide publishers with convenient, secure access to all their digital assets. They also provide an effective method to manage the eBook development process, which requires new presentation formats, re-engineering of certain book components such as Table of Contents and copyright page, and new marketing information.

“Our web portals permit each publishing client to directly manage their digital assets through critical stages of production, approval and delivery from their desktop with standard web browsers,” stated Steve Potash, OverDrive president. “Recognizing the significant investment by publishers in page design, layout and quality control to produce the print book, the web portals provide a dynamic, interactive link between publishers and OverDrive to review eBook assets, request changes and approve titles. We insure each eBook created is provided the careful review and inspection by the publisher it deserves,” Potash concluded.

“I was very impressed by the speed at which OverDrive handled comments and corrections submitted through the web portal,” stated Rufus Neal, Manager of Digital Business Coordination for Cambridge University Press, the world’s oldest continuously running publisher.  Publishers, like Cambridge, were able to upload their digital files, review database statistics on titles, and interact with OverDrive content management editors. Once accepted by the publisher, OverDrive automatically transmitted the approved eBooks from the digital repository, complete with cover art and other images, ONIX, XML, XrML and metadata for Reader and Open eBook (OEB) format.

“The web portal made review and corrections, the entire communication process more efficient,” states Bob Andserson, Production Manager for Rodale Books. “It really enabled me to keep excellent track of our eBooks. I look forward to continued use of the web portal,” Anderson added. The development of the web portal represents a significant improvement in the overall review process, automating time-sensitive functions and replacing limited business availability with state-of-the-art, 24 by 7 web access.


About Microsoft Reader with ClearType technology

Microsoft Reader with ClearType eBook technology was introduced in April 2000 with the release of Windows –powered PocketPC devices. On August 8, 2000, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) announced the release of a desktop computer version of Reader, which, like the PocketPC version, provides computer users with a reading experience very near that of paper. Reader can be obtained as a free download from Microsoft.

About OverDrive ReaderWorks

OverDrive (URL: www.overdrive.com) developed ReaderWorks software as a conversion tool for text, HTML, images and other digital content to be converted to Microsoft Reader format for viewing on personal computers.  OverDrive, Inc. is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. ReaderWorks products are available from the company’s website www.readerworks.com.


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