122829761Creating a New Year’s resolution is a time-honored tradition. We vow to better ourselves in some fashion, be it improving our health or donating more to charity. Resolutions can be a great way to improve students in the classroom as well. As classes return from break, now is a great time to have your students resolve to read more – and OverDrive can help!

Have your students create a resolution for themselves and write it down on a piece of paper. Some examples could be to read two books a month until June, borrow an eBook each week or even just to read a book by an author they’ve never heard of. For your foreign language students, you could add titles in the language they’re studying and challenge them to finish a whole book in that language.

Once your students come up with their resolution, have them put it in an envelope and store it until the last month of school. Then you can have the students look at their resolutions at the end of the year and reward those who achieved their goals with an ice cream party, free time or anything else they would appreciate!

Your digital library is available anytime, anywhere, and it’s never been easier for your students to access materials. Help make 2015 the year your students read more than ever.


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive.