Thank you for following our various eHighlights catalogs on this blog. To make it easier to review title selections, we have created a new Catalogs page to better feature our new, noteworthy, and hot titles each month.

Along with our Recommended Lists page, the Catalogs page is intended as a landing place to help you more easily access the titles you really need to know about without spending a large amount of time combing through OverDrive’s huge selection of titles in Marketplace.

Each of these books, audiobooks, and videos are hand selected by our team of Collection Development librarians. Think of eHighlights as an easy way to make sure you’r not missing titles you should really have in your collection. As always, the titles have been saved into Marketplace carts for your convenience, or you can click directly on a title to go to its Marketplace listing.

Happy New Year, and please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Click here to go directly to the first catalog: eHighlights January 2015 Adult Edition

The Kids & Teens Edition will be coming soon, and will be followed by a Video Edition, which we will produce every other month.