Today is March 2nd and we’re delighted to say
Happy Read Across America Day!

We’re hoping you’ll celebrate
and perhaps just let loose
As we celebrate the birthday
Of the great Dr. Seuss!

As we’ve mentioned before
we have Seuss eBooks of all kinds
To add to your collection
and help sharpen some minds!

We hope that this message
is putting you in the spirit
But if you need more encouragement
Read on and you’ll hear it!

Each year on this day
It’s a tradition to read
One of the good doctor’s stories
And did we? Yes, Indeed!

Now, we think you’ll enjoy
The video we’ve been creating
And we promise it’s short
We know your mountain is waiting!

So gather up your youngsters
with their striped hats in tow
As Team OverDrive reads you
Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Adam Sockel is a Social Media Specialist at OverDrive and still the resident Seussian expert.