Team OverDrive is incredibly delighted to announce the addition of streaming videos from The Walt Disney Studios for your OverDrive digital collection. Each of us has fond Disney memories from Tinker Bell flying around Cinderella’s castle to watching intently and trying to find hidden Mickey Mouse ears. All of your patrons can now make these memories at the touch of a screen on any internet connected device with a web browser.

Disney is the latest in a string of big name studios to offer their content in the Cost Per Circ (CPC) lending model, meaning there is no upfront cost to add these titles. You only pay when a patron uses the content. Simply login to Marketplace, click the Shop dropdown at the upper left, select Cost Per Circ, and add your parameters to the Budget and Policies section for Disney. Popular available titles include A Goofy Movie, 3 Ninjas, Air Bud, Annie, Ducktales the Movie, The Muppet Movie, Oliver and Company, The Sword in the Stone, and the list goes on! As an added bonus, anyone who signs up for the Disney CPC plan will automatically get an OverDrive Screening Room. Check it out live in action at Greater Phoenix Digital Library.

Login to Marketplace and sign up today. Contact your Collection Development Specialist or for more details.

As a reminder for your patrons (or an introduction to new ones) here is a helpful article on how they can get started with your streaming video collection.

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