Recently we announced that the ability to preorder titles up to six months in advance in OverDrive Marketplace was now live. This provides your library countless new opportunities to be the first stop for your users when looking for their next great read. Here are our top ten reasons to start preordering titles today:

1. Be the Go-To Source for Upcoming Titles
Patrons will discover new titles through YOU, their most favorite eBook resource. Don’t make them go to retail sites. Keep them in your house!

2. Increase Your Circulation
Most readers want the new stuff. Make sure they find it. Get the titles live and use Curated Lists to promote them.

3. Make Your Patrons Happy
You know they want this. Just give it to them already. People love their libraries. Keep delivering more and more cool stuff so they stay happy!

4. Up Your Cred
You’re the smartest book nerds around. Make sure your patrons know it. Tell them that Stephen King and Mary Higgins Clark have new books coming before their friends hear the news.

5. Watch the Pudding
If the proof is in the pudding, then prove it to yourself. Buy a copy of some hot titles and watch the holds build before your very eyes. You’ll have plenty of time to add copies before the street date, and no worries about messing up the catalogers’ workflow if you do it this way.

6. The Best and Busiest Libraries Do It
Ask top libraries and you’ll find that they routinely do this with their print books. We’re so happy to finally be able to offer the option for your digital collection as well.

7. Save the Time of the Reader
When a reader hears of a new book, don’t make them jot it down and keep coming back to see if they can place that hold. They want to place the hold right now, forget it and move on.

8. You Don’t Have to Worry about Changing Prices or the Budget
Your library won’t be invoiced for these titles until the street date. So feel free to order a title even if it’s from next year.

9. Align Your Print and Digital Purchases
You already do this in the print arena. Streamlining your digital purchasing is a no-brainer. Order all formats at the same time.

10. Maximize Metered Access
Build holds on metered access titles and order the correct number of copies all at once near the street date. The meter doesn’t start until the title is live, so you can minimize the confusing multiple expiration dates for those books a year or two from now.

Convinced yet? Check out these carts of the hottest titles to easily get started with Preorders:

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Cindy Orr is a Digital Collection Advisor with OverDrive